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NF-50 Automatic Tube Filling Machine

NF-50 Automatic Tube Filling Machine

The machine is a high-tech product which successfully developed and designed by adopting advanced technology  from aboroad and strictly meet GMP requirement.PLC controller and   color touch screen are applied and made it possible for programmable control of the machine . It can perform the filling for ointment ,cream jellies of viscosity material ,sealing or tail folding ,batch number embossing (include manufacture date ) automatically ,It us ideal equipment for plumbum tube, ALU tube,plastic tube and laminated tube filling and sealing for consmetic, pharmacy, foodstuff and bond industries.
    NF-50 Automatic Ointment filling and sealing machine for pharmaceutical ,food, cosmetics ,household chemical goods industries such as multi-standard diameter plastic pipe,tube filling and sealing compound.Can be a variety of paste,paste,viscosity and other fluid materials into the hose in smoothly and accurately, and complete tube hot air heating, sealing, and batch number, production date, etc.


1、With 12 stations and matching with manipulator,the machine is able to meet different type of tail folding,sealing requirements of plumbum tube,ALUtube,plastic tube and laminated tubes.It is a multi-purpose machine.
2、Tube feeding,eye marking,tube interior cleaning (optional).material filling,sesling (tail folding),batch number printing,finished products discharging can be performed automatically (the whole procedure).
3、Servo control makes it precise and convenient to adjust the filling amount by touch screen.
4、According to the different length of the tube,height of tube chamber can be adjusted easily by motor. With exernal reversal feeding system,makes tube charging more convenient and tidy.
5、The mechanical linkage photo sensor precision tolerrance is less than 0.2mm.The chromatic aberration scope between tube and eye mark is reduced.
6、Photo-electronic,electric, pneumatic integrative control is applied with the machine.No tube,no filling .It gives an alarm when low pressure occurs.The machine stops automatically if tube error or open the safety door.
7、Three-layer jacket instant heater with inside air heating,It won't damage the pattern on outer wall of tube and achieves firm and beautiful sealing effect.

Main technical parameters:

Project Parameters
Tube Material Plastic、Laminated tube、AUL tube and plumbum tube
Filling range 5ml-250ml/PCS(Adjustable)
Filling accurcay ≤±1%
Producing speed 40 PCS/min
Diameter of flexble tube ф10-ф5mm
Length of flexble tuble 220mm (Max)
Power supply 380v/220v(Choice)
Working pressure 0.55-0.65Mpa
Suisted Electric Machine 1.1kw
Heat seal power 3.0kw
Overall Dimension 2000(L)×950(W)×1900(H)mm
Machine weight 850kg