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DZB-400D series pillow packaging machine

DZB-400D series pillow packaging machine


This machine is designed for plate carton of the pharmaceutical industry, improve the medicine plate’s moistureproof performance, and can play a dark role of medicine. It adopts PLC programmable controller, programmed to run the machine, and is equipped with automatic coder which can be print production batch, production date, expiry date and other text on the outer package.
    The machine is equipped with a automatic feeder that fit to many kinds specification of AL-PVC plates, and innovative designd automatic folding device that can folding packaging the objects who has a certain thickness, neat appearance. And had obtained national patent.

1. Main machine frequency control: the main motor adopts imported inverter, can fit a variety of packaging material.
2. Programmable control: it adopts PLC programmable controller, the machine is running procedures.
3. The electronic text display: machine speed, set the bag length, actual bag length, packaging output will display on TD-200 screen, which is easy to see.
4. Automatically adjust bag length: the length of the transformation can be set directly on the TD-200 display, adjusted automatically, very easily and quickly.
5. Two-way compensation mark: imported photoelectric detection sensor to detect color by PLC computer program combined with bi-directional compensation, automatic tracking, so that the mark is quick and accurate.
6. Four groups automatic temperature control: temperature controller are used in each heating parts to automatic control temperature, and improve the sealing quality.
7. Adjustable bag device: fit to a variety of packaging material specification.
8. Automatic folding device: mainly used for the packing of three to five overlapping plates and thick material folding packing.

Technical parameters

DZB-400D Multi Pillow packing machine
Production Capacity     30-120 bags / min (according to the packaging materials may be)
Packing Volume        L 80-180mm, W 30-180mm, H 5-55mm (can be special designed)
compressed air   > 0.15 m3 / min
Total Power   AC220V 50Hz 2KW
Weight  750kg
Overall Dimension  length × width × height 3900 × 770 × 1400mm