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BZX-120-A type/B type aluminum packaging production line

BZX-120-A type/B type aluminum packaging production line

Product introduction
This product is introduced from the German packaging technology, it integrated research and development of domestic demand and improved production, with production of stable, fast, energy-saving, low consumption. The line consists of DPK-260H2 Blister Packaging Machine fast LZH-120 series with a combination of cartoning machines in an independent programmable control, it can also automatically realize aluminum plastic ,aluminum aluminum , oral liquid , ampoule bottle forming ,online detection , heat-sealing, batch loading, cutting, manual folding, loading, Detection picking waste in order to ensure that product qualified rate 100% to customers.

Function characteristics
1. it is used by Siemens PLC programmable control, data, high degree of good scalability;
2. every station are equipped detection in order to ensure the finished product 100% pass rate;
3. the entire line is used of soft connections, according to the actual production of space design connectivity and high flexibility;
4. the production can overload alarm and equipment downtime.
5. overall machine has good performance and stability, it is saving supplies, easy operation, significantly reducing labor intensity.

technical parameters

Project/Model BZX-120 A/B
Max.Production Capacity 50-120 Box/min
Fprming Area And Depth 245mm×110mm×15mm
Carton Measure Scope(L×W×H) (65-125)mm×(30-85)mm×(12-50)mm
Specifications Size Scope(L×H) (80-250)mm×(90-170)mm
Cartion Material 250-350g/m2
Specifications Material 60-70g/m2
Power Supply/Total Power 50HZ 9.8KW
Compress Air Pressure/Total Air      Consumption 0.6-0.8Mpa
Masterial Filling Rate >99.9%
Encasing Pass Rate >99.9%
Waste Rejecting Rate 100%
Whole machine weight ≥2800
Whole Machine Dimension(L×W×H) 9.2m